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Friday, 28 December 2007

My Christmas

Well what a week its been, as it was my first Christmas I must say that I really enjoyed myself,

we all got up early on Christmas day, I know that everyone was worried how I would act with all the wrapping paper and present, BUT I must say that I surprised everyone even myself and was on my very best behaviour and just sat back to watch all the going on. Then came my turn and I had a go at opening some present with my name on them. I had a very large loafer dog, giant ball and string, and my very first kong.
Here I am pulling my own cracker, but the bang scared me a bit. You can see that I am wearing by Christmas bandanna its a nice festive red one. I had my very own special Christmas dinner with chicken and gravy with my kibbles, as I am usually not allowed human food.
Well hope you all had as much fun as me.
Barks Bruno

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas to all my doggy bloggy mates, hope you get all the doggy gifts that you want, I'm going to my basket early tonight as sans paws will be visiting me soon, and I an so excited I can not contain my exciment tonight. I will post after santa paws has been to tell you all what I have had.
Hope you all have loads of toys and enjoy yourselves.
Christmas Barks Bruno.

Monday, 17 December 2007

After all the hard work

Yes after all hard work it was time for me to have a well deserved rest, of course I have decided that this hat is mine now. I think it really suits me dont you!!!
I will no doubt be posing for many more pics over the holidays and will post them on here.

My 1st Christmas

Today I helped to decorate the house for "santa" (who ever he is ) I beleive that he will visit my house soon. As I am the youngest in my family maybee he will bring me something.

So I go into the spirit of things and put on a hat, dont I look the part.

Here is me choosing which one to play with first, but later I learnt that I was not allow to play with any! Spoilsports that what I say.

So I have been a very good boy and left all the decorations alone even though a Father Christmas sits right next to my basket, although I have stared him out a few times.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Well I am up to date and this is me now at six months old and a very hansome boy if I do say myself, I have many bandanas and you will see me in many of them.I don't feel dressed without one on.
I went to the vet last week to be "chipped" what ever that is, all I know is that I had a needle in my back and another madalion around my neck. I make a jingley sound now when walk. But I think that it means that if I get lost I can be brought back home quickly and that is good.

I am a very clever boy I have learnt to give not only one paw but two at the same time. Also the usual down and say. I love to go for walks every day. Well to get up to date here are a few more pics as I have got older.

Me giving paw (how cute am I)

I dont think I should have my paws in this post do you!

Now to carry on with my story, I have settled in my home great. I had a bad time when I was about 12 weeks old, my people came home to find that I was not very well and had to go to the vet, it was thought that I had parvo virus even though I was in the middle of my course of injections I had been only in my own garden. I had an injection there an then and had to go back the next day. But I was better the next day just had to take it easy. I am a brave little solider I think. Here I am at 12 weeks old! As you can see I have very fluffy puppy fur.

Friday, 14 December 2007

First day photo

This is me on the first day in my new home, as you can see I was very little ( I am a big boy now) and was very shy. Although my new family had loads of toy and a new bed waiting for me I was too scared to move around so I just sat still.
I was 10 weeks old in this pic an so very cute I think.
My first day was a rainy day and I dont like rain at the best of times so going out side was really scarry for a little puppy like me.
My first night was not as bad as I thought it would be I managed to get through the night without crying at all (really proud of this I am).
Hope you enjoy reading about me I have lots to tell you all but thats enough for today.
Bye Barks Bruno

Hi I'm Bruno

Hi my name is Bruno and I am a 6 month old airedale, I was born in Shefield and came to live in my new home at 10 weeks old. When I first arrived I was very shy but that did not last for long. I soon found my feet! (an very large feet they are). I have 5 members in my people family but I think I am the boss, they think they are!!!!