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Monday 12 November 2018

Bruno the final post

Hi I don’t know if any of you bloggers still read this but ten years on here I go..:: Bruno lived to the grand age of ten years six months, he passed away this March after a quick illness, he slipped on some ice and hurt his leg unfortunately it became infected and he never recovered. The vets tried there best but nothing more could be done.
He gained a sister for the last 2 years of his life which he loved very much well most of the time her name is Daisy.
Well Bruno blog is complete
Thinks for reading xxx

Friday 14 November 2008

hello fron BRUNO

Hi to all, bet you have all been wondering where I have been, well I am still around and much bigger now, to be honest I am a audult dog now and sooooo hansome to go with it. What have I been up to over the summer you might ask! Well I had a stay in the kennels when my family went on hoilday for a week, and guess what I was so lonely without them I made myself ill, so that when they came to pick me up I was so thin as I could not eat there I had to go to the vets. somehow I dont sthink that I will be staying there again. ( Good cuz I dont want to go back there either).

I have been to the beach for a run around and found that so much fun i wanna go again, one day I am suse I will.

Look at the pics and you will see how big I am, and I am in my favourite place the car, as I like nothing more that riding round in the cars. If I could I am sure I would learn to drive myself save having to walk everywhere!!!

Thursday 1 May 2008


Hi guys and girls, Firstly thanks to all of you that have been asking where I am, I am still about and reading all your blogs regularly and keeping up to date with all your stories. I am doing fine and growing into a fully grown boy now. I know that I dont have the amount of time the you all have to write on your bloggs but I will try in the furture.

Hope you you are all well and happy.
I will be going to stay with family members soon when my family go on holiday, so I too will be having a holiday in the countryside as I live in the town I am looking forward to that.

I will get some new pics taken of me and post them soon so you can all see me all grown. It will be my first birthday next month that is some thing for me to look foward to.

Bye for now and hugs to you all,
Bruno XXXX

Wednesday 27 February 2008

My New Airecut !!!!

My first AIRECUT!!!! (At 8 months old)

Well on Monday morning this is how I looked, all cute and fluffy with my baby fur still intact.

But it was the day that I went for a "airecut" for the first time.

WOW, yes its me the new "grown up" Bruno, I was a really good boy at the groomers I was told by Vicky who was the nice lady who bathed and clipped me.

So what do you all think, the family think I look very posh now. I look years older!

I look so tall now don"t you think, but so skinny, to how I used to look.

But all in all it was a very long day for little "ole" me, and I slept all evening coz I was worn out!!!

That all for today, be back soon


Tuesday 19 February 2008

Sorry I hav'nt been around

Hi all, thanks for all your messages asking where I have been, well we have all been so busy lately that there has been no time for someone to help me write my blog ( as I can't spell that well on my own that I need a bit on help with some of the long words).
But I am still around and am doing fine, I am still reading all your blogs and keeping up to date with your lives.
Well what have I been up to? I have learnt to lie down and play dead (well for a reward) as it is quite hard for an airedale to throw himself on the floor and stay still. I have had a new collar and lead also a thing called a halti that I do not like one little bit when its first put one me, but as it is the only way I get to go for a walk if I wear it I HAVE to, it is supposed to stop me form pulling, but I only pull to be in the front whats wrong with that!!!!
OH guess what on Monday I am going for my first AIRECUT will post some pics for you all to see the new "grown up "me.
bye for now Bruno XXX

Saturday 12 January 2008


Hi Guys, I have been awarded an award from The Thuglets and am well pleased.

The award is awarded to 'people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.The 'rules' of this award say we may nominate up to 10 bloggers who make our day.
So I will pass this award on to.
The Thugglets
Molly and Taffy
Poppy and Penny
The Airechicks
Harry and Cassidy
Maggie and Mitch
Well done to you all. I have really enjoyed reading all your bloggies and hope to enjoy even more in the furture.
Bruno XX

Thursday 3 January 2008

What the postman brought me.

This morning the postman had something with my name on it, "let me see", "let me see". I shouted.
So let me open it, boy this is not as easy as it looks, Good job I have big paws to hold it with.
I needed to get my teeth involved to tear it open, boy its tough but I will succeed.

Inside is a beautiful photo of Faya, wow! she's gorgeous (I think I am in love!!)

And TWO fantastic bandannas, Red is my favourite colour and I have never had a green one before. Which one shall I wear first?

Its got to be the red one, wow what so I look like, so hansome if I say so myself.

Does'nt green suit me too, ar'nt I a spoilt boy,

Thanks very much faya, I will be sending you a gift from me very soon, so you must be on postman duty like me.