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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My New Airecut !!!!

My first AIRECUT!!!! (At 8 months old)

Well on Monday morning this is how I looked, all cute and fluffy with my baby fur still intact.

But it was the day that I went for a "airecut" for the first time.

WOW, yes its me the new "grown up" Bruno, I was a really good boy at the groomers I was told by Vicky who was the nice lady who bathed and clipped me.

So what do you all think, the family think I look very posh now. I look years older!

I look so tall now don"t you think, but so skinny, to how I used to look.

But all in all it was a very long day for little "ole" me, and I slept all evening coz I was worn out!!!

That all for today, be back soon


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sorry I hav'nt been around

Hi all, thanks for all your messages asking where I have been, well we have all been so busy lately that there has been no time for someone to help me write my blog ( as I can't spell that well on my own that I need a bit on help with some of the long words).
But I am still around and am doing fine, I am still reading all your blogs and keeping up to date with your lives.
Well what have I been up to? I have learnt to lie down and play dead (well for a reward) as it is quite hard for an airedale to throw himself on the floor and stay still. I have had a new collar and lead also a thing called a halti that I do not like one little bit when its first put one me, but as it is the only way I get to go for a walk if I wear it I HAVE to, it is supposed to stop me form pulling, but I only pull to be in the front whats wrong with that!!!!
OH guess what on Monday I am going for my first AIRECUT will post some pics for you all to see the new "grown up "me.
bye for now Bruno XXX